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MarkdDown eXTended

MDxt is an extended markdown format. Though not a strict superset of gfm, MDxt supports most of its features. You can read more about it here

Many features of MDxt require proper style sheets and script files. I highly recommend you use MDxt with a dedicated web framework.

If you wanna know more about MDxt, see these articles.

GFM compatibility

GFM is a Github-flavored markdown format, which is one of the most widely used markdown extension.

MDxt can read most gfm documents, but the output is different. (ex: unlike gfm, code spans are rendered to <code class="short">.) It doesn't support some of gfm's syntaxes. (ex: indented code blocks, setext headings, and a few more)

I won't make any compatibility layers for gfm (ex: GFM <-> MDxt converter). Because some elements are impossible to convert to GFM formats. They require <script> tags in their output HTML, which are not supported in GFM and most other markdown extensions.

Frontend Framework

If you want a fully-featured frontend framework with MDxt, try this project.

TODO: remove ./styles


Why Vec<u32>

It's the only way to index strings (String doesn't support indexing) and use emojis (most emojis are greater than u16::MAX)


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