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Enables inline equations for mdbook to set by $..$ signs and $$..$$

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0.5.0-beta.3 Jan 17, 2023
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0.2.2 Sep 26, 2022
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Scientific mdbook plugin

This plugin adds functionality to mdbook for scientific application.

It allows the writer to generate named LaTeX, named Gnuplots and supports bibtex files. Further cross-referencing in text to equation, figures or literature is possible. A sample output can be seen here.


Compile this crate and add the mdbook-scientific to your search path. Also bib2xhtml is required if you want to generate a bibliography. Then add the following to your book.toml:

renderer = ["html"]

bibliography = "literature.bib"
bib2xhtml = "/home/lorenz/Documents/tmp/bib2xhtml/"

assets = "src/"

additional-css = ["src/scientific.css"]


  • Formulae and general latex rendering latex and dvisvgm
  • Graphs require gnuplot


For block equation rendering use the following syntax

$$equation, <name>

the equation identifier is only needed if you want to name the equation block. You can cross-reference it then with $ref:equ:<name>$ in the whole mdbook.

The same syntax is working with latex and gnuplot figures, both are requiring a subtitle for the plot. Further a gnuplotonly figure only uses Gnuplot to render the file to SVG.

Example for gnuplot rendering

$$gnuplot, <name>, <subtitle>

and then cross-reference with $ref:fig:<name>$.

If block is empty, then the preprocessor looks into the assets path specified in the configuration. So for a block $$latex, legendrepoly, Legendre Polynomials$$ it looks for the file src/legendrepoly.tex.

The BibTeX file referenced in the configuration file is added as a additional chapter and citations can be generated with $ref:bib:<name>$.

Stability / Viability

Proof of concept, with the following outstanding urgent todos for practical viability:

  • handle $ signs in code blocks
  • migrate to a full markdown parser rather than impl heuristics
  • remove dependencies on host binaries as much as possible


~445K SLoC