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A collection of mdbook plugins to easy the creation of decent technical documents.

  • mdbook-tectonic a renderer for latex input
  • mdbook-boilerplate reduces the size of main.rs files of preprocessors
  • mdbook-scientific collects equations, and figures from source, when nested in $ or $$, renders them with tectonic
  • mdbook-fishextract extracts mermaid graphs, renders them and injects images back into the markdown/cmark


mdbook-scientific and mdbook-tectonic (formerly mdbook-latex) and cmark2tex (formerly md2tex) are all forked and heavily refactored/improved versions with little chance and/or activity of upstreaming.


If you find bugs, please provide a reproducible testcase as a PR, otherwise I am inclined to close. It's a fun project after all that is used for my $work.


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