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Plugins for a mdbook translation workflow based on Gettext

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Gettext Translation Support for mdbook

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The plugins here makes it easy to translate documentation written in mdbook into multiple languages. Support for translations is a long-stading feature request for mdbook.



$ cargo install mdbook-i18n-helpers

Please see USAGE for how to translate your mdbook project.


You can customize the plugins in your book.toml file.


  • output.xgettext.pot-file (no default, required): Set this to the path of your POT file. A typical value is messages.pot, see examples in USAGE.
  • output.xgettext.granularity (default: 1): Set this to n to round all line numbers down to the nearest multiple of n. Set this to 0 to remove line numbers completely from the PO file. This can help reduce churn in your PO files when messages edited.


Please see the CHANGELOG for details on the major changes in each release.


For questions or comments, please contact Martin Geisler or start a discussion. We would love to hear from you.

This is not an officially supported Google product.


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