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An mdBook preprocessor for generating checklists and indexes

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mdBook checklist preprocessor

A preprocessor for gathering checks in an mdBook and generating an index.


First, you need to install the preprocessor:

cargo install mdbook-checklist-preprocessor

Next, you need to add the preprocessor to your book.toml:

authors = ["Me"]
multilingual = false
src = "src"
title = "The Book"


Finally, you can insert marks in your book chapters, according to the following format: {{#check <name> | <description>}}. For example

# Chapter 1

{{#check Note-1 | This is an important note}}

The mark will be replaced by the name solely (with an anchor to be linked from the index). Also, for this example, the following index will be generated:


  • Chapter 1:
    • This is an important note (Note-1)


The title Checklist of the generated index can be changed:

title = "A list of notes"


This library is published under the Open Licence 2.0.


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