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Multidimensional array for Rust

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Multidimensional array for Rust


The mdarray crate provides a multidimensional array for Rust. Its main target is for numeric types, however generic types are supported as well. The purpose is to provide a generic container type that is simple and flexible to use, with interworking to other crates for e.g. BLAS/LAPACK functionality.

Here are the main features of mdarray:

  • Dense array type, where the rank and element order is known at compile time.
  • Column-major and row-major element order.
  • Subarrays (views) can be created with arbitrary shapes and strides.
  • Standard Rust mechanisms are used for e.g. slices, indexing and iteration.

The design is inspired from the Rust ndarray, nalgebra and bitvec crates, the proposed C++ mdarray and mdspan types, and multidimensional arrays in Julia and Matlab.


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