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Add math to rust doc, e.g., docs.rs

This repo shows how to add latex math to https://docs.rs; Math is rendered by katex.

How it works

It embeds a piece of html into the rust doc that contains a javascript snippet rendering latex math.


  • To build doc with math locally: make Or: RUSTDOCFLAGS="--html-in-header katex.html" cargo doc --no-deps

  • To build doc with math for docs.rs, add the following lines to Cargo.toml:

    rustdoc-args = [ "--html-in-header", "katex.html" ]

Rendering options

This repo provides two snippet for rendering:

  • katex.html renders $`i+1`$ into inline math, and math code block such into math block:

  • katex-dollar.html renders $i+1$ into inline math, and $$i+1$$ into block math.

Each of these two files is about 257 KB in size. And non-packed versions are *-src.html.

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