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A mathematical representation for describing mathematical operations and functions

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Rust math engine

This crate is intended to provide tools for defining mathematical expressions that are modifiable, parsable, evaluable using Rust syntax and idioms.


Tools for parsing and manipulating mathematical expressions

Math-engine is a set of tools for manipulating mathematical expressions. These expressions may contain various operations and variables. The crate defines tools for building, evaluating, and operating on such expressions.


Math-engine allows you to build variable expressions and evaluate them within a context, i.e. a set of values for each variable.

let expr = Expression::parse("1.0 + 3.0 * (4.0 - x)").unwrap();
let ctx = Context:new().with_variable("x", 3.0);

let eval = expr.eval_with_context(&ctx).unwrap();

assert!(eval, 4.0);

Basic operators are implemented for allowing easy to use building:

let e1 = Expression::constant(3.0);
let e2 = Expression::variable("x");
let e = e1 + e2;

println!("{}", e);

Also, some useful operations are available for manipulating expressions, such as derivation and simplification by constant propagation:

let e1 = Expression("1.0 * y + 2.0 * x").unwrap();
let deriv = e1.derivate("x");
println!("{}", deriv);

let simp = deriv.constant_propagation().unwrap();
println!("{}", simp);


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