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There're some tests that sometimes pass and sometimes fail. We call them "flaky".

This crate provides a macro attribute #[flaky] that allows you to mark all the flaky tests in your codebase. You then have two options:

  1. In default mode, #[flaky] will retry a test for a few times and pass it if at least one run has passed.
  2. In strict mode, #[flaky] will still run test for a few times, but will only pass it if every run has passed.

To enable strict mode, set the environment variable MARK_FLAKY_TESTS_STRICT=true.

To adjust the amount of times a test is retried, set the environment variable MARK_FLAKY_TESTS_RETRIES to the desired amount. Default is 3.

To use #[flaky] with #[tokio::test], enable the tokio feature.

Tests that return ExitCode are currently not supported due to std API limitations.


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