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A macro that asserts a Result is Ok

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This crate contains a macro assert_ok which takes an expression and if the expression evaluates to an Err, panics with a useful message. If in contrast the expression evaluates to Ok(v) then it returns the value v.

This is commonly useful in tests. Instead of

let z = foo(arg1, arg2).unwrap();


let z = foo(arg1, arg2).expect("foo failed");


let z = assert_ok!(foo(arg1, arg2));

It's easier to understand (IMO) and more importantly provides a much more useful error message in the case that it fails.

There is a similar macro in Tokio, however for libraries or applications that don't use Tokio, pulling it in for a single macro doesn't make sense.


A macro that asserts that a [Result] is [Ok]

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