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The command-line implementation of mapm

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This is the command-line interface for mapm. For the graphical interface, see mapm-gui.

mapm is a problem-management software that allows you to quickly iterate through drafts of exams. By modularizing your problems into their own files, you can easily mix and match problems and compile exams and solution manuals.

By using built-in TeX macros and a sane implementation of the incredibly human-readable YAML configuration language, you can spend less time learning how to organize your exam creation process and more time on the exam itself.

Read the usage instructions at mapm.mathadvance.org/.


If you have Rust on your system, run cargo install mapm-cli to get the latest and greatest from cargo. If you do not, binaries will be released for every major version.

You can also run git clone and cargo build to manually install from source.


I am of the belief that you should modify the source code to fit any edge-case needs, rather than the code providing a bunch of complex hooks that would be more difficult to use than simpler source code.

Therefore, users are encouraged to keep their own builds of any mapm binaries if inclined to, and to propose any particularly well-designed solutions to upstream.


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