Cargo Features

magic-wormhole = { version = "0.7.0", default-features = false, features = ["all", "transfer", "transit", "forwarding", "tls", "native-tls", "experimental-transfer-v2", "experimental"] }
default all? = transfer, transit

These default features are set whenever magic-wormhole is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

all = default, forwarding
transfer default = transit

Enables rmp-serde and tar


Transfer dependencies

Affects test::test_file_rust2rust_deprecated, test::test_file_rust2rust, test::test_send_many, magic-wormhole::transfer, magic-wormhole::uri

transit default forwarding? transfer

Enables async-trait, bytecodec, if-addrs, noise-protocol, noise-rust-crypto, socket2, and stun_codec


Transit dependencies

Affects magic-wormhole::transit

forwarding all? = transit

Enables rmp-serde

Affects magic-wormhole::forwarding


TLS implementations for websocket connections via async-tungstenite required for optional wss connection to the mailbox server

Enables async-tls of async-tungstenite


Enables async-native-tls of async-tungstenite

experimental-transfer-v2 experimental?

Enable experimental transfer-v2 support. The protocol is not yet finalized and is subject to change.
By enabling this option you are opting out of semver stability.

Affects cancel::handle_run_result_transit, transfer::AppVersionTransferV2Hint, transfer::request, transfer::ReceiveRequest

experimental = experimental-transfer-v2