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Async binding for Tungstenite, the Lightweight stream-based WebSocket implementation

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Asynchronous WebSockets for async-std, tokio, gio and any std Futures runtime.

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Add this in your Cargo.toml:

async-tungstenite = "*"

Take a look at the examples/ directory for client and server examples. You may also want to get familiar with async-std or tokio if you don't have any experience with it.

What is async-tungstenite?

This crate is based on tungstenite Rust WebSocket library and provides async bindings and wrappers for it, so you can use it with non-blocking/asynchronous TcpStreams from and couple it together with other crates from the async stack. In addition, optional integration with various other crates can be enabled via feature flags

  • async-tls: Enables the async_tls module, which provides integration with the async-tls TLS stack and can be used independent of any async runtime.
  • async-std-runtime: Enables the async_std module, which provides integration with the async-std runtime.
  • async-native-tls: Enables the additional functions in the async_std module to implement TLS via async-native-tls.
  • tokio-runtime: Enables the tokio module, which provides integration with the tokio runtime.
  • tokio-tls: Enables the additional functions in the tokio module to implement TLS via tokio-tls.
  • gio-runtime: Enables the gio module, which provides integration with the gio runtime.


Originally this crate was created as a fork of tokio-tungstenite and ported to the traits of the futures crate. Integration into async-std, tokio and gio was added on top of that.


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