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llm-chain-hnsw is a package that provides integration with hnsw for the llm-chain project using hnsw_rs lib.


  • Perform insertions and searches using hsnw_rs (cosine)
  • Integration with DocumentStore in order to store the documents separately from the hnsw index
  • Dump / Load hnsw index from fs

Getting Started

To get started with llm-chain-hnsw, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the llm-chain-hnsw package using cargo.
  2. Check out the examples in the examples directory for sample code and use cases.


The examples directory contains various sample code snippets to help you get started with llm-chain-hnsw. These examples demonstrate how to use the package effectively in your projects.

Contributing 🤝

We warmly welcome contributions from everyone! If you're interested in helping improve llm-chain, please check out our CONTRIBUTING.md file for guidelines and best practices.

Connect With Us 🌐

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to open an issue or join our community discord . We're always excited to hear from our users and learn about your experiences with llm-chain.


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