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0.7.0 Jul 6, 2022
0.6.0 Dec 20, 2021
0.2.2 Apr 4, 2021
0.2.0 Apr 4, 2021

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This project aims to provide high-quality tooling for bip32, bip39, and ledger device communication. It is a toolbox for building signers for blockchain applications. The code runs both natively and in wasm targets for browser and node.

This repo previously hosted a set of transaction construction libraries for UTXO-based chains. You can find much of that work in the archive folder (for now). This is the last commit with that code in the main packages.

Building & running tests

  • install rustup
  • Run all the tests $ ./build.sh
  • build the docs: $ cargo doc

Project Goals

  • Support bip32, bip39, and Ledger device comms
  • Provide basic tooling to support these use cases
  • WASM compatibility in all packages

Project Status

This project is used extensively in the ethers-rs ecosystem. However, much of it is in an alpha/beta state. There will be rough edges, and the interfaces are subject to change.

License Notes

Some work in the ledger crate is reproduced under the APACHE 2.0 license. See that README for specific info


This crate provides a simple interface for interacting with Litcoin mainnet, and testnet.


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