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A command line tool to analyse the output over time of custom shell commands

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lipl is a command line tool that is similar to watch but has extended functions for commands outputing a number.

For example lipl 'ls' will show the output of ls and will refresh the result every 1 second (by default).

Now if a command outputs a number like ls -1 | wc -l it will be able to plot the result. In this case the plot will show a constant result until another process adds or removes a file from the current folder. It can be useful when downloading many files to the current folder and you want to follow the progress. If you know that in total 1000 files will be downloaded, you can simply add the option --target 1000 and a progress bar will be shown along with an estimated time of completion.

main example screenshot


homebrew (osx & linux)

brew install yxdunc/tools/lipl

aur (arch linux)

lipl can be installed from available AUR packages using an AUR helper. For example,

yay -S lipl


positional argument:

A string containing a bash command.

If the bash command returns a number a plot will be shown (ex: ls -1 | wc -l)

If the bash command returns anything else the command shows the output and follow the same behaviour as watch

named arguments:

-n/--refresh-rate: the refresh rate in seconds

-t/--target: a target value that will be used to show a progress bar based on the command outputs. A simple linear regression is used.

-l/--history-len: the number of results from the given command that are stored and plotted.

--show-regression-line: when true shows the regression line used to compute the ETA.

--show-target-line: when true shows an horizontal line representing the target value.

Sample usages:

🗃Plot number of files in /tmp

lipl -n 0.5 "ls -1 /tmp | wc -l"

♨️ Plot cpu usage of a given PID

lipl -n 0.1 "ps -p ${PID} -o %cpu | tail -1"

🗂Plot mem usage of a given PID

lipl -n 0.1 "ps -p ${PID} -o %mem | tail -1"

🐍Plot number of python processes running

lipl -n 0.5 "pgrep python | wc -l"

👩‍🚀Plot number of people in space

lipl -n 1 'echo "curl -s http://api.open-notify.org/astros.json | jq .number" | sh'

🔥Plot load of most cpu intensive process

lipl -n 0.01 "ps -eo pcpu | sort -n | tail -1"

💻Plot sum of all processes cpu load

lipl -n 0.01 'ps -eo pcpu | grep -v CPU | sed "s/  //" | paste -sd "+" - | bc'

⛓Plot bitcoin price

lipl -n 5 'curl -s https://api.coindesk.com/v1/bpi/currentprice.json | jq .bpi.EUR.rate_float'

🎢Plot polynomial

lipl -n 1 'echo "x=$(($(date +%s) % 30 - 15)); echo $(($x * $x * $x + $x * $x + $x))" | sh'
lipl -n 1 'echo "x=$(($(date +%s) % 30 - 15)); echo $(($x * $x + $x))" | sh'


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