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The current version of libz-sys is 1.1.18.

The bundled zlib C sources were not audited as a part of this. However, I did compare the vendored sources present in this crate with their upstream repos.

There was no diff between zlib/ and

zlib-ng did not provide a version, so I ran diff across everything in zlib-ng's commit history. The closest upstream SHA was cf89cf35037f152ce7adfeca864656de5d33ea1e with 8 lines of output from diff --recursive . ../../libz-sys-1.1.12/src/zlib-ng/. All of these referenced files that were only present in libz-sys, and they're all presumably irrelevant (CI configuration files, .git files, linter config)

cargo-vet does not verify reviewers' identity. You have to fully trust the source the audits are from.


This crate can be compiled, run, and tested on a local workstation or in controlled automation without surprising consequences. More…

does-not-implement-crypto (implies crypto-safe)

Inspection reveals that the crate in question does not attempt to implement any cryptographic algorithms on its own.

Note that certification of this does not require an expert on all forms of cryptography: it's expected for crates we import to be "good enough" citizens, so they'll at least be forthcoming if they try to implement something cryptographic. When in doubt, please ask an expert.

Implied by other criteria

All crypto algorithms in this crate have been reviewed by a relevant expert.

Note: If a crate does not implement crypto, use does-not-implement-crypto, which implies crypto-safe, but does not require expert review in order to audit for.


May have been packaged automatically without a review has been able to verify that all files in the crate's tarball are in the crate's repository with a git tag matching the version. Please note that this check is still in beta, and absence of this confirmation does not mean that the files don't match.

Crates in the registry are tarball snapshots uploaded by crates' publishers. The registry is not using crates' git repositories, so there is a possibility that published crates have a misleading repository URL, or contain different code from the code in the repository.

To review the actual code of the crate, it's best to use cargo crev open libz-sys. Alternatively, you can download the tarball of libz-sys v1.1.18 or view the source online.