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LibRapid - a library specifically built for mathematical calculations and scientific applications

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0.6.0 Mar 21, 2023
0.5.0 Nov 13, 2022
0.4.2 Aug 13, 2022
0.4.1-preview.3 Jul 21, 2022
0.0.12 Jul 4, 2021

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LibRapid for Rust - Fast. Reliable. Lightweight.

Why X? Why Y?

Sometimes I have to yank a version. To stay updated and to chat with us, please consider joining our Discord! https://discord.gg/cGxTFTgCAC


You want to contribute? Sure! You can contribute with:

  • 🚩 Issues
  • 🙇 Pull Requests (See FORMATRULES.md for more information)
  • 💡 Feature Suggestions (Via Discussions or Issues)

Be sure to add documentation to any new public API with examples, and running cargo test to ensure that your changes are valid.


Depending on the current published LibRapid version and how many crates are in queue on docs.rs, you may need to build the docs yourself. To do that, simply git-clone this repository and then run cargo doc --open. After that, your documentation should open automatically.

How does it work?

The Rust-port of LibRapid is a derivative from the main library made for C++ and Python. It's goal is to be optimised for speedy calculations, mathematical and scientific applications.


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