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Helps creating configurable frontends for humans and computers using axum, Tera and toml

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lib-humus 🌱

Helps creating frontends for humans and computers using axum, Tera and toml.

⚠️ Consider the interface unstable until a version that says that it is stable is released.

Where does the name come from?

It's something to grow new projects on and it includes ter(r)a, so humus it is.

What does it do?

Render Templates

The HumusEngine uses Tera and the axum framework to produce http responses with minimal code overhead in the main logic. It is able to serve both a UI and an API from one datastructure.

Use the axum-view (enabled by default) feature flag for this. The axum-view+cookie feature flag enables additional cookie setting logic.

Load Templates

For templates to be useful they have to make it from disk into memory. The TemplateEngineLoader takes care of loading a whole directory of configurable templates at once.

It is behind the enabled by default tera-loader feature flag.

Load Toml

Coming up with a sophisticated configuration system is fun, but serde and a toml file is usually more than enought. The read_toml_from_file() function makes this even easier. Filepath in, parsed struct or Error out.

It is behind the enabled by default toml feature flag.


  • lib humus 0.2 is compatible with axum 0.7
  • lib-humus 0.1 is made to be compatible with axum 0.6


You can find the documentation over on docs.rs

Or you can build the offline documentation yourself:

cargo doc -F full
firefox target/doc/lib_humus/index.html


This project is licensed under an AGPL-3.0-or-later License this is to ensure that it isn't used in proprietary software.


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