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An extremely fast backend framework for rust! Built from scratch using tokio, easy to use and asynchronous. Available for multiple programming languages and cross-platform.

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0.5.47 Apr 23, 2024
0.5.46 Apr 1, 2024
0.5.44 Mar 31, 2024
0.4.91 Mar 21, 2024
0.1.5 Mar 17, 2024

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An extremely fast backend framework built for rust

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Made with Performance, optimization and ease of use in mind.

Currently available in C/C++/Rust programming languages only.

This library has been built from scratch using tokio.

Basic hello world example:

Basic Html implementation of hello world:

use rohanasan::{
    rohanasan, send_http_response, serve, Request, DEFAULT_HTML_HEADER,

fn handle(req: Request) -> String {
    send_http_response(DEFAULT_HTML_HEADER, "<h1>Hello!</h1>", req)

fn main() {
    rohanasan! {
        serve(8080, handle)

How to use in your project?

  • Open terminal inside the parent folder where you would like to create the folder of your project
  • Run:
cargo install rohanasanpm
rohanasanpm new my_proj
  • cd into my_proj
  • cargo run to run your project.
  • Go to: localhost:8080.
  • Enjoy using Rohanasan!

How to run the example?

git clone https://github.com/rohanasan/rohanasan-rs.git
cd rohanasan-rs
cd examples
cargo run --example standard



Machine Specs:

OS: Garuda Linux x86_64

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5590

Kernel: 6.8.1-zen1-1-zen

Mode: GUI mode (terminal was running like a window)

Shell: fish 3.7.0

Terminal: konsole 24.2.1

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10110U (4) @ 4.10 GHz

GPU: Intel UHD Graphics (The CPU itself)

Memory: 11.47 GiB

Command used to run test: wrk -t 2 -c 100 http://localhost:8080


Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev
Latency 844.10us 480.14us 4.14ms 64.85%
Req/Sec 26.24k 831.40 28.10k 70.00%

Output: 522523 requests in 10.02s, 46.84MB read

Requests/sec: 52142.29

Transfer/sec: 4.67MB

Program that was run: examples/hello_world.rs

Current Features:

  • Can run a server at a specified port
  • Can serve a folder named static at /static
  • Can send files as http response
  • Can give you the path, method and protocol


  • Add feature to change the directory path of the public folder ☑️ Done!!!!
  • Asynchronous file request handling ☑️ Done!!!!
  • Add feature to give the user an option to add index.html to static folder ☑️ Done!!!!
  • Add feature of request.post_request()
  • Add feature to... currently it's just a pre alpha release I have to add a lot of features right now!



  • Hello world (Html File):

Basic Html implementation of hello world:

use rohanasan::{
    rohanasan, send_file, serve, Request, DEFAULT_HTML_HEADER,
fn handle(req: Request) -> String {
    send_file(DEFAULT_HTML_HEADER, "./html/index.html", req)

fn main() {
    rohanasan! {
        serve(8080, handle)

Points to remember:

  • There is no need to import tokio for using rohanasan macro.
  • By default, rohanasan serves any folder named static present in the same directory where you are running the server.


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