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A custom transfer agent for Git LFS powered by OpenDAL

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0.1.1 Feb 7, 2024
0.1.0 Jan 6, 2024

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A custom transfer agent for Git LFS powered by OpenDAL.


  • Git LFS can switch the storage backend by custom transfer agents.
  • OpenDAL provides access to many storage systems such as Azure, GCP, AWS S3, WebDAV, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.
  • lfs-dal enables you to store LFS data on many storage systems!


Download the released binary or build from source.

# build from source
$ cargo install lfs-dal


git-lfs configuration

Configure git-lfs to use lfs-dal as a custom transfer agent.

$ git lfs install --local
$ git config lfs.standalonetransferagent lfs-dal
$ git config lfs.customtransfer.lfs-dal.path /PATH/TO/LFS-DAL
$ git config -f .lfsconfig lfs.url lfs-dal  # avoid to push to the default server accidentally

lfs-dal configuration

Configure OpenDAL service settings in lfs-dal section at .lfsdalconfig or .git/config. lfs-dal --list shows available schemes. For service-specific options, refer to the OpenDAL documentation.

[!NOTE] gitconfig does not allow _ in keys. Use - instead.

[!NOTE] lfs-dal looks for .lfsdalconfig and .git/config. .git/config is not committed to the repository.

[!CAUTION] Do not commit your credentials to the repository. Some OpenDAL services support importing credentials via environment variables.

AWS S3 example

$ git config -f .lfsdalconfig lfs-dal.scheme s3
$ git config -f .lfsdalconfig lfs-dal.bucket test
$ git config -f .lfsdalconfig lfs-dal.region us-east-1
$ git config lfs-dal.access-key-id 123456
$ git config lfs-dal.secret-access-key 123456


For testing OpenDAL settings, run lfs-dal --exit. It exits immediately after initializing OpenDAL.

For more detailed log, configure lfs-dal to output log to a file.

$ git config lfs.customtransfer.lfs-dal.args "--log-output=log-lfs-dal.txt --log-level=debug"
$ git config lfs.customtransfer.lfs-dal.concurrent false  # avoid log interleaving


  • rudolfs is not a LFS transfer agent but a LFS server implemented in Rust. It supports AWS S3 and local file system.
  • lfsrclone is a LFS transfer agent implemented in Python. It runs rclone command to transfer data.
  • lfs-os is a LFS transfer agent implemented in Rust. It uses object_store crate.


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