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Command line interface to run algorithms on images

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Lenna is a library for image processing algorithms and apps.

This is the Command Line Interface for Lenna based on lenna_core.


🐰 quickstart

cargo build

✂️ copy plugins

Here are some plugins. After the plugins are built, they can be copied and used with lenne-cli.

mkdir plugins
cp ../lenna-plugins/target/release/lib*.so plugins/

🔧 config

Create a file called lenna.yml.

  - id: resize
    width: 500
    height: 500
  - id: canny
    low: 50.0
    high: 100.0
  - id: blur
    sigma: 1.5

Id is the plugin, the other attributes are the parameter for the plugin.

👻 run

cargo run --features="libloading" -- lenna.png -o lenna_out.png -c lenna.yml



Install using snapcraft.

sudo snap install lenna-cli_*.snap --devmode --dangerous
lenna-cli --help
lenna-cli lenna.png --config lenna.yml --output out.png --plugins /snap/lenna-cli/current/plugins

📜 License

This software is licensed under the MIT © lenna-project.


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