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latex-to-html converts a subset of latex to html. It renders formulas as vector graphics, so that they look exactly as they would in a pdf.


Because latex-to-html renders math formulas using pdflatex, it supports the same math formulas as latex. Inline math must be delimited by $ ... $ and display math must be of the form


where the label is optional. Outside of math environments, only a subset of tex/latex is supported:

  • \title{...}
  • \section{...}
  • \subsection{...}
  • \begin{itemize} \item ... \item ... \end{itemize}
  • \begin{enumerate} \item ... \item ... \end{enumerate}
  • Some hard-coded theorem-like environments (those usually declared with \newtheorem):
    • theorem
    • proposition
    • definition
    • lemma
    • remark
    • corollary
    • example
  • \begin{proof} ... \end{proof}
  • \label{...}, \ref{...} and \eqref{...}
  • \emph{...}, \textbf{...}, \textit{...}

There is also basic support for \bibliography.

Latex-to-html ignores the lines directly after a line containing the following comment:


This is useful in case a tex file is also used with pdflatex directly to generate a pdf file.

For example, latex-to-html does not support the enumitem package. To use it for the generated pdf output anyway, the package can be included as follows:


The appearance of numerals in an enumeration for the pdf output (but not the webpage) can then be changed like so:



Make sure to install all dependencies first. latex-to-html depends on cargo, pdflatex, pdfcrop and pdf2svg. On Debian or Ubuntu, these dependencies can be installed as follows:

sudo apt install cargo texlive texlive-extra-utils pdf2svg

To download and install latex-to-html to ~/.cargo/bin, run the following:

cargo install latex-to-html

You can now either add $HOME/.cargo/bin to your PATH variable or simply specify the full path when you execute latex-to-html: ~/.cargo/bin/latex-to-html.


Assuming you have a doc.tex and a doc.bib file, run the following:

latex-to-html doc.tex doc.bib out/

This may take a while on the first run, but subsequent runs will be much faster. To view the generated document, open out/index.html in your browser.


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