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app kube-secrets

Command line utility to quickly display useful secrets in a Kubernetes namespace

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0.5.0 Feb 10, 2022
0.4.2 Sep 21, 2021
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This is a command line utility for quickly looking at secrets in a Kubernetes namespace that are typically looked at by humans. It specifically hides secrets which are TLS certificates, Helm charts, and Docker credentials.


$ cargo install kube-secrets


List all of the useful secrets in namespace fakespace. (These are fake secrets in a fake namespace in case you're worried)

$ secrets fakespace

Screenshot of full listing

List all of the secrets in namespace fakespace whose name contains the string token

$ secrets fakespace token

Screenshot of filtered listing

And if you mistakenly look for secrets in a namespace that doesn't actually exist, it let's you know that.

$ secrets bob

Screenshot of error message


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