Cargo Features

kord = { version = "0.7.1", default-features = false, features = ["cli", "audio", "analyze", "analyze_base", "analyze_mic", "analyze_file", "analyze_file_mp3", "analyze_file_aac", "analyze_file_alac", "ml", "ml_base", "ml_train", "ml_infer", "ml_gpu", "wasm", "wasi", "plot"] }
default = analyze, audio, cli, ml_infer

These default features are set whenever kord is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

cli default = clap, futures

Required by the binary

audio default = rodio

Affects base::PlaybackHandle, base::Playable

analyze default = analyze_file, analyze_mic
analyze_base analyze_file? analyze_mic? = rustfft

Affects analyze::base, kord::analyze, ml::base, ml::train, ml::infer

analyze_mic analyze = analyze_base, cpal, futures-timer, rodio

Affects analyze::mic, base::gather

analyze_file analyze = analyze_base, parse_duration0, rodio, symphonia

Affects analyze::file


Enables mp3 of symphonia


Enables aac and isomp4 of symphonia


Enables alac and isomp4 of symphonia

ml = ml_infer, ml_train
ml_base ml_infer ml_train? = bincode, byteorder, serde

Affects kord::ml, ml::base

ml_train ml? ml_gpu? = burn-autodiff, ml_base, rand, rayon

Enables metrics, std, train and wgpu of burn ^0.11.1, std of burn-ndarray ^0.11.1

Affects ml::train

ml_infer default ml? = burn, burn-ndarray, ml_base

Enables std of burn-ndarray ^0.11.1

Affects ml::infer

ml_gpu = burn-tch, burn-wgpu, ml_train

Enables tui of burn ^0.11.1


Includes the Text UI (progress bars, metric plots)

wasm = console_error_panic_hook, gloo-timers, js-sys, wasm-bindgen, wasm-bindgen-futures, wee_alloc

Enables wasm-sync of burn ^0.11.1


Useful when targeting WASM and not using WGPU.

and wasm-bindgen of rodio


Affects kord::wasm


Enables wasm-sync of burn ^0.11.1

plot = plotters

Affects helpers::plot_frequency_space

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

symphonia analyze_file? analyze_file_aac? analyze_file_alac? analyze_file_mp3?
parse_duration0 analyze_file?
clap cli

Enables clap


futures cli
rodio analyze_file? analyze_mic? audio wasm?
rustfft analyze_base?

Enables rustfft


futures-timer analyze_mic?

Enables futures-timer


cpal analyze_mic?
serde ml_base?

Enables serde


rand ml_train?
byteorder ml_base?
bincode ml_base?
rayon ml_train?
burn ml_gpu? ml_infer ml_train? wasi? wasm?

Enables burn ^0.11.1

burn-autodiff ml_train?

Enables burn-autodiff ^0.11.1

burn-tch ml_gpu?

Enables burn-tch ^0.11.1

burn-wgpu ml_gpu?

Enables burn-wgpu ^0.11.1

burn-ndarray ml_infer ml_train?

Enables burn-ndarray ^0.11.1

plotters plot?

Enables plotters


wasm-bindgen wasm?

Enables wasm-bindgen


wasm-bindgen-futures wasm?
js-sys wasm?
console_error_panic_hook wasm?
wee_alloc wasm?
gloo-timers wasm?

Enables gloo-timers ^0.2.6