Cargo Features

symphonia = { version = "0.5.4", default-features = false, features = ["aac", "adpcm", "alac", "flac", "caf", "isomp4", "mkv", "mp1", "mp2", "mp3", "ogg", "pcm", "aiff", "vorbis", "wav", "mpa", "all-codecs", "all-formats", "all", "opt-simd-sse", "opt-simd-avx", "opt-simd-neon", "opt-simd"] }
default = adpcm, flac, mkv, ogg, pcm, vorbis, wav

Only royalty-free open standard codecs and formats are enabled by default.
TODO: Remove all defaults for v0.6.0. Features should be additive.

aac all-codecs? = symphonia-codec-aac

Enable specific codecs and formats.
TODO: Use "dep:" after MSRV is raised to >= 1.60.

adpcm default all-codecs? = symphonia-codec-adpcm
alac all-codecs? = symphonia-codec-alac
flac default all-codecs? = symphonia-bundle-flac
caf all-formats? = symphonia-format-caf
isomp4 all-formats? = symphonia-format-isomp4
mkv default all-formats? = symphonia-format-mkv
mp1 all-codecs? mpa?

Enables mp1 of symphonia-bundle-mp3

Affects symphonia::codecs.Mp3Decoder, symphonia::formats.Mp3Reader

mp2 all-codecs? mpa?

Enables mp2 of symphonia-bundle-mp3

Affects symphonia::codecs.Mp3Decoder, symphonia::formats.Mp3Reader

mp3 all-codecs? mpa?

Enables mp3 of symphonia-bundle-mp3

Affects symphonia::codecs.Mp3Decoder, symphonia::formats.Mp3Reader

ogg default all-formats? = symphonia-format-ogg
pcm default all-codecs? = symphonia-codec-pcm
aiff all-formats?

Enables aiff of symphonia-format-riff

vorbis default all-codecs? = symphonia-codec-vorbis
wav default all-formats?

Enables wav of symphonia-format-riff

mpa = mp1, mp2, mp3

MPEG audio codecs.

all-codecs all? = aac, adpcm, alac, flac, mp1, mp2, mp3, pcm, vorbis

Enable all supported codecs.

all-formats all? = aiff, caf, isomp4, mkv, ogg, wav

Enable all supported formats.

all = all-codecs, all-formats

Enable all supported codecs and formats.

opt-simd-sse opt-simd?

SIMD support.

Enables opt-simd-sse of symphonia-core

opt-simd-avx opt-simd?

Enables opt-simd-avx of symphonia-core

opt-simd-neon opt-simd?

Enables opt-simd-neon of symphonia-core

opt-simd = opt-simd-avx, opt-simd-neon, opt-simd-sse

Enable all SIMD support.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

symphonia-bundle-flac flac
symphonia-codec-aac aac?
symphonia-codec-adpcm adpcm
symphonia-codec-alac alac?
symphonia-codec-pcm pcm
symphonia-codec-vorbis vorbis
symphonia-format-caf caf?
symphonia-format-isomp4 isomp4?
symphonia-format-mkv mkv
symphonia-format-ogg ogg
symphonia-format-riff aiff? wav
symphonia-bundle-mp3 mp1? mp2? mp3?