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Pure Rust AAC decoder (a part of project Symphonia)

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Symphonia AAC Codec


Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) decoder for Project Symphonia.

Note: This crate is part of Symphonia. Please use the symphonia crate instead of this one directly.


This decoder implements the low-complexity (LC) profile as defined in ISO/IEC 14496-3.


Symphonia's AAC decoder was ported and relicensed from the NihAV project with permission from the original author, Kostya Shishkov.


Symphonia is provided under the MPL v2.0 license. Please refer to the LICENSE file for more details.


Symphonia is an open-source project and contributions are very welcome! If you would like to make a large contribution, please raise an issue ahead of time to make sure your efforts fit into the project goals, and that no duplication of efforts occurs.

All contributors will be credited within the CONTRIBUTORS file.