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app audio-conv

Copies directory structure and converts audio files in it

4 stable releases

1.2.1 Jul 5, 2021
1.2.0 Apr 22, 2021
1.1.0 Feb 10, 2021
1.0.0 Dec 28, 2020

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Takes two paths, all audio files encountered in the first path are transcoded and stored in the second path. The directory structure from the first path gets also copied to the second path.


Requires gstreamer version 1.10 or higher with the base plugin.

The supported source audio formats (or even other media that is able to contain audio) depend on the installed gstreamer plugins.

Installation via nix flakes

audio-conv can be easily installed via nix flakes:

$ nix profile install gitlab:chpio/audio-conv/release

Generate example config

audio-conv is able to write an example config to your current directory:

$ audio-conv init

Now you need to edit the generated audio-conv.yaml file. And let it convert your audio files by running it:

$ audio-conv


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