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FLAC encoding via libFLAC FFI



There are two supported libFLAC back-ends:

  • flac-sys, under the "flac" feature, the default, and
  • libflac-sys, under the "libflac" feature group.

flac-sys tries to link to a libFLAC already present on your system, but it doesn't do a very good job, and might need some help by copying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libFLAC.so (Debian), $MSYSROOT\mingw64\lib\libflac.dll.a (msys2), or equivalent to target/{debug,release}/deps as libflac.so/libflac.dll.a/&c. (note the lowercase).

libflac-sys tries to build libFLAC; this is a problem because it (a) doesn't work all that well (at all) under GNU/NT, and (b) requires the host system to have both CMake and a C toolchain funxional.

The "libflac-noogg" feature will build libFLAC without OGG support.

The "libflac-nobuild" feature will still use libflac-sys but instruct it to link to the system libFLAC.

Downstreams are encouraged to expose these features to the user.

Special thanks

To all who support further development on Patreon, in particular:

  • ThePhD
  • Embark Studios
  • Jasper Bekkers


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