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Kismesis is a static site generator with macros, plugins and spite, encouraging everybody to make static sites that are semantic and accessible.


  • Only one language for your content: No need to use HTML for templates, Markdown for articles, and maybe something else for a third thing. The Kismesis markup language is designed to complement the static site generator while being concise and easier to type. You're still going to need CSS and Javascript, though.
  • Compile-time errors: Kismesis will give you a visual report of your errors, signaling where they happened, similar to what the Rust compiler does.
  • Macros: Custom HTML tags you can define in order to use them anywhere to make tasks less repetitive.
  • (UNSTABLE!) Plugins: A way for users to add new features to Kismesis.
  • (TO DO!) A Standard Library: Ever miss the <marquee> tag? In Kismesis, you're not allowed to use deprecated tags, however it will come with a <marquee?> plugin, which will aim to replicate the behavior using only widely supported featues.

How To Use

  • Download one of the builds from the releases and add it to your $PATH environment variable. I recommend that you rename the executable to kismesis instead of kismesis-ssg
  • To get started, run kismesis new [project_name]. This will create a new folder for your project.
  • Run kismesis build to build a project.


Simply install the rust toolchain, clone this repository and do cargo build. It literally is that simple. This is Rust we're talking about.

You don't need to clone the repository - if you just wish to compile binaries locally, you can always run cargo install kismesis-ssg.


  • Make a TUI mode for the program
  • Make a manual that is visible from this TUI
  • Make a plugin manager
  • Allow plugins to create new subcommands for the CLI

Check the Kismesis Engine readme for a roadmap pertaining to the language and the generator's engine.


FAQ stands for both Forwardly Anticipated Questions and Frequently-ish Asked Questions.

Why do you plan to error when using <div>?

  • The reason for this is that we often utilize divisions as a catch-all, instead of utilizing more semantic alternatives like header, footer, main, section, and even button. <container> will get compiled as <div> in case you really know there is no better alternative. Think of it the same way you think of Rust's unsafe.
    • No, <button> is not that much harder to style than a div.

For questions about the Kismesis Language or its Engine, check its respective readme.


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