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Kubernetes Configuration Tool

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KCT is a tool for taming the Kubernetes configuration beast by using Jsonnet while borrowing approaches and concepts from early contestants such as Tanka and Helm.

NOTICE: This project is under heavy development. Despite the 0.x.y releases being "production ready", don't expect API stability before a 1.0 release as anything may change due to experimentation and feedback.



We build binaries for most platforms, you can take a look at our Releases Page. From there, grab which binary matches your platform and add it to your $PATH

Build from sources

Our minimum supported rust version (MSRV) is the latest stable, and it'll probably stay that way until we think about external extensions. To build it from source, you just need to run:

cargo build --bin=kct --release

And if you have the cargo bin folder on your path, you can install it directly with:

cargo install --path=bin


If you want to know more about the tool's components and inner workings, take a look at the documentation. There you'll find description on the package structure and feature, along the commands with brief explanations about their tasks.


Any contribution is welcome, be either an issue or a PR. I'm very new to Rust so anything in the code that seems wrong feel free to point it out.


MIT © Bruno Delfino


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