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0.2.1 May 28, 2021
0.2.0 May 28, 2021

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A fast and handy spell checker for source code and other texts for Kakoune.

kak-spell in action

kak-spell is meant to be used from kakoune, but also features an interactive mode and can be used from the command line, like this:

$ kak-spell check $(git ls-files)
/path/to/LICENSE:9:2 Redistributions
What to do?
> g

=> Added 'Redistributions' to the global ignore list

/path/to/foo.rs:32:0 2fn
What to do?
> e

=> Added 'fn' to the ignore list for '.rs' files


  • Distributed as a single binary
  • Handy command line interface
  • Leverages the excellent enchant library, so compatible with existing providers and dictionaries
  • Hand-made tokenizer, which means
    • it can parse camelCase identifiers
    • it knows how to skip URLs, sha1s and the like
  • Global ignore list
  • Ignore list per file extension (like fn for .rs)
  • Ignore list per file path
  • Skip list per file name (like always skipping file named Cargo.lock)
  • Skip list per full path
  • Kakoune integration


I've borrowed heavily from scspell - both for the implementation and the command line behavior.

Not that scspell does not depend on Enchant and so can not check Languages other than English, and also cannot offer suggestions for spell errors.

But it's implementation is simpler and does not require to install a spell provider.

On the other hard, scspell can replace suggestions in the file.

So use the one which suits you best, I don't really care :)


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