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skyspell - kakoune integration

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BSD-3-Clause and GPL-3.0-only


Kakoune integration for skyspell


Install skyspell.

Install skyspell_kak:

$ cargo install skyspell_kak

Make sure that skyspell-kak is in your PATH.

Call skyspell-kak init in your kakrc file:

evaluate-commands %sh{
  skyspell-kak init


You can now call the various :skyspell- commands

Typical workflow:

  • Call skyspell-enable <LANG> to install the skyspell-check hook.
  • Edit files in the current project. All open buffers will be checked as soon as they're written.
  • Use skyspell-list to list all error in a special *spelling* buffer
  • For each line in *spelling*, execute the given action (see skyspell-help for details). You can for instance choose to add the error to the list of exceptions for the current project
  • Once an error has been selected, you can also use :skyspell-replace to open a menu containing the replacements suggestions.

Note that instead of using skyspell-list and then Enter to jump from on spelling error to the next, you can also use skyspell-next and skyspell-previous.


It's advised to create a skyspell user mode:

For instance:

map global user s ': enter-user-mode skyspell<ret>' -docstring 'enter spell user mode'
map global skyspell d ': skyspell-disable<ret>' -docstring 'clear spelling highlighters'
map global skyspell e ': skyspell-enable en_US<ret>' -docstring 'enable spell checking in English'
map global skyspell l ': skyspell-list <ret>' -docstring 'list spelling errors in a buffer'
map global skyspell h ': skyspell-help <ret>' -docstring 'show help message'
map global skyspell n ': skyspell-next<ret>' -docstring 'go to next spell error'
map global skyspell p ': skyspell-previous<ret>' -docstring 'go to previous spell error'
map global skyspell r ': skyspell-replace<ret>' -docstring 'suggest a list of replacements'

skyspell also declares a face named SpellingError that you can change if you want to show spelling errors in a different way.


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