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An extensible, safe native JVM agent implemented in pure Rust.

A word of warning

This project is far from being complete or usable to say the least and contains a healthy dose of proof-of-concept code that is guaranteed to either work or not.


Rust JVMTI is intended to become a slim JVM application performance management (APM) tool leveraging both safe access to native JVM functionality via Rust and byte code instrumentation using Java code.

Already implemented (probably poorly)

  • Ability to connect to a JVM as a native agent library
  • Read and parse loaded class files
  • Generate byte code from loaded or created class files
  • Gathering and displaying statistics about method class, class loading and synchronization times
  • Read basic command line configuration
  • Basic JVM emulator for implementing unit tests without the need for an actual JVM


Please see the example.


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