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This is the workspace projet for

Please conduct the individual README files for more information.

Juice Examples

CLI for running juice examples. More examples and benchmark tests can be found at the juice examples directory.

Install CLI

DISCLAIMER: Currently both CUDA and cuDNN are required for the examples to build.

Compile and call the build.

# install rust, if you need to
curl -sSf https://static.rust-lang.org/rustup.sh | sh
# download the code
git clone git@github.com:spearow/juice.git && cd juice/juice-examples
# build the binary
cargo build --release
cd -
# and you should see the CLI help page
target/release/juice-examples --help
# which means, you can run the examples from below

Note for OSX El Capitan users: openssl no longer ships with OSX by default. brew link --force openssl should fix the problem. If not, see this Github issue for more details.

No runtime deps