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JSON to Parquet


Convert JSON/JSONL files to Apache Parquet. This package is part of Arrow CLI tools.


Download prebuilt binaries

You can get the latest releases from https://github.com/domoritz/arrow-tools/releases.

With Homebrew

brew install domoritz/homebrew-tap/json2parquet

With Cargo

cargo install json2parquet

With Cargo B(inary)Install

To avoid re-compilation and speed up installation, you can install this tool with cargo binstall:

cargo binstall json2parquet


Usage: json2parquet [OPTIONS] <JSON> <PARQUET>

  <JSON>     Input JSON file, stdin if not present
  <PARQUET>  Output file

  -s, --schema-file <SCHEMA_FILE>
          File with Arrow schema in JSON format
      --max-read-records <MAX_READ_RECORDS>
          The number of records to infer the schema from. All rows if not present. Setting max-read-records to zero will stop schema inference and all columns will be string typed
  -c, --compression <COMPRESSION>
          Set the compression [possible values: uncompressed, snappy, gzip, lzo, brotli, lz4, zstd, lz4-raw]
  -e, --encoding <ENCODING>
          Sets encoding for any column [possible values: plain, plain-dictionary, rle, rle-dictionary, delta-binary-packed, delta-length-byte-array, delta-byte-array, byte-stream-split]
      --data-page-size-limit <DATA_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT>
          Sets data page size limit
      --dictionary-page-size-limit <DICTIONARY_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT>
          Sets dictionary page size limit
      --write-batch-size <WRITE_BATCH_SIZE>
          Sets write batch size
      --max-row-group-size <MAX_ROW_GROUP_SIZE>
          Sets max size for a row group
      --created-by <CREATED_BY>
          Sets "created by" property
          Sets flag to enable/disable dictionary encoding for any column
      --statistics <STATISTICS>
          Sets flag to enable/disable statistics for any column [possible values: none, chunk, page]
      --max-statistics-size <MAX_STATISTICS_SIZE>
          Sets max statistics size for any column. Applicable only if statistics are enabled
  -p, --print-schema
          Print the schema to stderr
  -n, --dry
          Only print the schema
  -h, --help
          Print help
  -V, --version
          Print version

The --schema-file option uses the same file format as --dry and --print-schema.


For usage examples, see the csv2parquet examples which shares a similar interface.


Since we use the Arrow JSON loader, we are limited to what it supports. Right now, it supports JSON line-delimited files.

{ "a": 42, "b": true }
{ "a": 12, "b": false }
{ "a": 7, "b": true }


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