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CSV to Arrow


Convert CSV files to Apache Arrow. This package is part of Arrow CLI tools.


Download prebuilt binaries

You can get the latest releases from https://github.com/domoritz/arrow-tools/releases.

With Homebrew

brew install domoritz/homebrew-tap/csv2arrow

With Cargo

cargo install csv2arrow

With Cargo B(inary)Install

To avoid re-compilation and speed up installation, you can install this tool with cargo binstall:

cargo binstall csv2arrow


Usage: csv2arrow [OPTIONS] <CSV> [ARROW]

  <CSV>    Input CSV file, stdin if not present
  [ARROW]  Output file, stdout if not present

  -s, --schema-file <SCHEMA_FILE>
          File with Arrow schema in JSON format
  -m, --max-read-records <MAX_READ_RECORDS>
          The number of records to infer the schema from. All rows if not present. Setting max-read-records to zero will stop schema inference and all columns will be string typed
      --header <HEADER>
          Set whether the CSV file has headers [possible values: true, false]
  -d, --delimiter <DELIMITER>
          Set the CSV file's column delimiter as a byte character [default: ,]
  -p, --print-schema
          Print the schema to stderr
  -n, --dry
          Only print the schema
  -h, --help
          Print help
  -V, --version
          Print version

The --schema-file option uses the same file format as --dry and --print-schema.


For usage examples, see the csv2parquet examples which shares a similar interface.


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