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app jpki-cli

Read certificates, sign and verify documents using your JPKI card

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.4.1 Oct 2, 2022
0.4.0 Oct 2, 2022
0.3.0 Jul 14, 2022
0.2.2 Jul 5, 2022
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crates.io Rust

Easy yet simple CLI to access your JPKI card.

✅ Prerequisites

All platforms:

  • PC/SC supported NFC reader

On GNU/Linux:

  • pcsc-lite (libpcsclite)

📦 Installation

On macOS or Linux, Homebrew Tap can be used for installation:

brew tap siketyan/tap
brew install jpki-cli

Alternatively, build from source using Cargo:

cargo install jpki-cli

💚 Examples

Crypto AP

Dumps the certificate for digital signature:

jpki-cli crypto read-certificate > certificate.der

If you want the certificate for user authentication, insert --auth:

jpki-cli crypto --auth read-certificate > certificate.der

Signs the data from stdin using key-pair for digital signature:

cat plain.txt | jpki-cli crypto sign > signature.sig

Verifies the signature using the dumped certificate:

cat plain.txt | jpki-cli crypto verify certificate.der signature.sig

Gets the PIN status:

jpki-cli crypto stat
jpki-cli crypto --auth stat # Status of PIN for authentication

Surface AP

Dumps the photo using PIN B (DoB YYMMDD + Expiry YYYY + CVC XXXX):

jpki-cli surface get photo > photo.jpg

Using PIN A (My Number) instead:

jpki-cli surface get photo > photo.jpg

For list of available data to dump, see the help:

jpki-cli surface get --help

Gets the PIN status:

jpki-cli surface stat a # PIN Type A
jpki-cli surface stat b # PIN Type B

Support AP

Reads the "My Number" from the card:

jpki-cli support get my-number

Reads text attributes from the card as JSON:

jpki-cli support get attributes --pretty
jpki-cli support get attributes | jq # The output is JSON, so you can query it w/ jq

Gets the PIN status:

jpki-cli support stat


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