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A tool to convert Jira CSV data to Gantt chart JSON5

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Jira CSV to Gantt Chart JSON Converter

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This program converts Jira CSV exports to a format that can be ingested by the gantt_chart tool.

Install with cargo install jira_to_gantt. Run with jira-to-gantt.


The tool uses the following Jira fields:

  • Issue key - Gives a short description of the item
  • Status - Used to mark the task open or close on the chart
  • Assignee - Used to group the tasks
  • Original Estimate - Task duration
  • Created (optional) - Used if no Starts On date is provided on the command line

Jira CSV export has numerous problems and inconsistencies which the tool handles, including:

  • There are extra non-CSV format lines at the start and end of the output
  • Dates are in a non ISO format
  • Any backlog sort order is not honored
  • There are bad UTF-8 characters in the output
  • Quoting is inconsistent

You can use iconv -c -t utf-8 bad.csv > stripped.csv to clean bad UTF-8 characters from export. See iconv. The tool does this automatically.

You can use xsv slice -s 3 -n -o bad.csv jira.csv to remove the first 3 lines. Again, the tool does this automatically.

The tool uses structures from the gantt_chart crate to ensure compatability of the JSON5 output.


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