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Jenkins manager

The project aims to wrap Jenkins json api and some post requests which can be performed on Jenkins parts (such as 'delete node').

It is a very early stage of development (it'd be better to say hobby project to learn Rust). Current functionality includes:

  • shutdown Set 'prepare to shutdown' bunner with optional reason
    • on Set shutdown banner
    • off Cancel shutdown
  • restart Restart Jenkins instance (soft/hard)
  • copy Copy job from the existing one
    • job Copy job
    • view Copy view
  • node Node actions
    • show Show node information
    • list List all (with optional status information)
  • job
    • list Recursively list all the jobs in an instance
    • build Build a job (use '-' as param list to build with defaults)
    • remove Remove a job (use with caution, the action is permanent)

Build a job

There are two types of the jobs in Jenkins: parameterized and un-parameterized.

To build a job without parameters use the following command:

jenkinsctl job build <JOB>

To build a job with parameters use:

jenkinsctl job build <JOB> [PARAMS]

jenkinsctl accepts parameters in the following format: param=value,...,param=value

You can also perform a parameterized build using defaults:

jenkinsctl job build <JOB> -

To stream a job's execution process to stdout, add the -f switch:

jenkinsctl job build <JOB> [PARAMS] -f

Abort a job

Jenkins rest api provides three levels of interruption:

  • stop aborts a pipeline;
  • term forcibly terminates a build;
  • kill hard kill a pipeline (the most destructive way to stop a pipeline);

jenkinsctl wraps it with the *nix signals equivalent:

jenkinsctl job kill -s <HUP|TERM|KILL|1|15|9> <JOB> <BUILD>

Rebuild a job

It is possible to rebuild particular job in a Jenkins web ui, however there is no rest api endpoint for the rebuild operation.

Therefore the rebuild option starts new build with the same parameters as in a build specified by the arg.

Technically there is no differences, you can only notice that a job is not being rebuilt but started with the same parameters in a console log output.

jenkinsctl job rebuild <JOB> <BUILD>


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