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app janitor-service

A service that cleans up your downloads folder

27 releases

0.1.27 May 19, 2024
0.1.26 Mar 24, 2024
0.1.24 Nov 14, 2023
0.1.9 Jul 23, 2023

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MIT license

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A configurable downloads organizer written in rust

Installation / Update

cargo install janitor-service


  1. run the janitor binary
  2. a janitor.toml file would be created in your downloads directory
  3. update the toml file with patterns and destinations - examples entry can be used as reference - patterns are comma separated tuples

Configuring Auto Start/Restart with SystemD (Not available on Windows)

# Generate the unit file in into the user systemd folder
janitor-service systemd > ~/.config/systemd/user/janitor.service

# Enable and start the service
systemctl --user enable janitor.service --now

# Check program output / logs
journalctl --user -u janitor.service --follow

# Update when using systemd
cargo install janitor-service
systemctl --user restart janitor.service

fun fact: this is my first ever rust app


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