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A Rust implementation of interval arithmetic

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0.10.9 Oct 10, 2021
0.10.7 Aug 2, 2021
0.10.6 Jul 25, 2021
0.9.3 Mar 12, 2021
0.2.1 Jul 17, 2020

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🦊 inari

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inari is a Rust implementation of interval arithmetic.

Supported Rust Versions

A nightly toolchain >= nightly-2021-05-20 is required.

This is because there are a few unstable features that the crate depends on: asm, stdsimd, etc. To use the crate as a dependency, you need to override the toolchain in your project. Here is an example that does this with the rust-toolchain file.

Supported Platforms

The following CPUs are supported:

  • x86-64

    Haswell-based and newer processors are supported.

    You need to specify the target CPU when building a crate that depends on inari. One way to do that is using a configuration file in your project (see example; you may want to change native to haswell to achieve maximum compatibility if you are going to distribute executables).

  • AArch64 (ARM64)

    Experimental, it is not tested continuously.

When using the Cargo feature gmp (see below), the target platforms are limited to the ones that are supported by the gmp-mpfr-sys crate.

Cargo Features

  • gmp (enabled by default) - Enables operations that depend on GMP and MPFR, namely, the transcendental functions and conversion between texts and intervals. You can opt-out the feature to reduce dependencies. Even in that case, you still have access to all arithmetic operations that are required for making robust geometric predicates, for example.


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