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Convert images to PPM (raw pixel format)

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0.1.1 Feb 15, 2024
0.1.0 Feb 15, 2024

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PPM is like the WAV file of images. It's just raw pixel data. So I wrote this Rust program to make images worse by converting them to PPM.

Currently, this program can convert JPG and PNG images to PPM.

You can install the program using Cargo, simply run: cargo install image-to-ppm and then you can use the command from your command line (assuming your Rust installation is correctly configured).


You can build the project using the traditional cargo build command. If you need a release build, you can use cargo build --release.


To use it, simply run: image-to-ppm <input file> <output file>

  • <input file> will accept any .jpg or .png image.
  • <output file> will accept any file that ends in .ppm.

You can use image-to-ppm --help to see this information in the shell.


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