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Simple and safe Rust interface for FFmpeg libraries

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Rust wrapper for FFmpeg libraries

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This library provides a Rust interface for FFmpeg libraries. Rather than supporting all FFmpeg features, we focus on safety and simplicity of the interface.

Supported features

  • Demuxing any self-contained media container
  • Muxing any self-contained media container
  • Decoding audio and video
  • Encoding audio and video
  • Video frame scaling and pixel format transformations
  • Audio resampling
  • Bitstream filters


  • FFmpeg v4.x libraries, the following libraries are required:
    • libavutil
    • libavcodec
    • libavformat
    • libswresample
    • libswscale


The following env. variables can be used to set correct paths to FFmpeg header files and libraries:

  • FFMPEG_INCLUDE_DIR - path to the FFmpeg header files
  • FFMPEG_LIB_DIR - path to the FFmpeg libs

If you prefer static linking, you can force it using:



Even though this library is distributed under the MIT license, the FFmpeg project has its own license policies that need to be respected. See https://ffmpeg.org/legal.html for more details.