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FFI bindings to FFmpeg

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Uses old Rust 2015

4.3.5 Oct 3, 2020
4.3.4 Aug 9, 2020
4.3.1 Jul 30, 2020
4.3.0 Jun 16, 2020

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ffmpeg-sys-next on crates.io build

This is a fork of the abandoned ffmpeg-sys crate. You can find this crate as ffmpeg-sys-next on crates.io.

This crate contains low level bindings to FFmpeg. You're probably interested in the high level bindings instead: ffmpeg-next.

A word on versioning: major and minor versions track major and minor versions of FFmpeg, e.g. 4.2.x of this crate has been updated to support the 4.2.x series of FFmpeg. Patch level is reserved for bug fixes of this crate and does not track FFmpeg patch versions.

Feature flags

In addition to feature flags declared in Cargo.toml, this crate performs various compile-time version and feature detections and exposes the results in additional flags. These flags are briefly documented below; run cargo build -vv to view more details.

  • ffmpeg_<x>_<y> flags (new in v4.3.2), e.g. ffmpeg_4_3, indicating the FFmpeg installation being compiled against is at least version <x>.<y>. Currently available:

    • ffmpeg_3_0
    • ffmpeg_3_1
    • ffmpeg_3_2
    • ffmpeg_3_3
    • ffmpeg_3_1
    • ffmpeg_4_0
    • ffmpeg_4_1
    • ffmpeg_4_2
    • ffmpeg_4_3
  • avcodec_version_greater_than_<x>_<y> (new in v4.3.2), e.g., avcodec_version_greater_than_58_90. The name should be self-explanatory.

  • ff_api_<feature>, e.g. ff_api_vaapi, corresponding to whether their respective uppercase deprecation guards evaluate to true.

  • ff_api_<feature>_is_defined, e.g. ff_api_vappi_is_defined, similar to above except these are enabled as long as the corresponding deprecation guards are defined.


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