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macro identconv

Convenient macros that turn idents or string literals into another ident or string literal by case converting

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Convenient macros that turn Idents or ident like string literals into Idents or Strings by case converting.


Macro To Case Output
lower!() flatlowercase Ident
upper!() FLATUPPERCASE Ident
snake!() snake_case Ident
usnake!() UPPER_SNAKE_CASE Ident
camel!() camelCase Ident
pascal!() PascalCase Ident
lower_strify!() flatlowercase &'static str
upper_strify!() FLATUPPERCASE &'static str
snake_strify!() snake_case &'static str
usnake_strify!() UPPER_SNAKE_CASE &'static str
camel_strify!() camelCase &'static str
pascal_strify!() PascalCase &'static str
kebab_strify!() kebab-case &'static str
ukebab_strify!() UPPER-KEBAB-CASE &'static str
train_strify!() Train-Case &'static str
english_lower!() lower case &'static str
english_upper!() UPPER CASE &'static str
english_title!() Title Case &'static str


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