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View and modify IDv3 tags

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View and modify IDv3 tags.


cargo install id3-cli

Shell completions:

Go to the exports folder and download the appropriate files to appropriate locations.

Some CLI examples

id3 get

id3 get <text-field>

id3 get title ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 get artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 get album ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 get album-artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 get genre-name ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 get genre-code ~/Music/target-audio.mp3

id3 get comment

Print the only comment
id3 get comment ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
List multiple comments
id3 get comment --format=json ~/Music/target-audio.mp3

id3 get picture

List pictures
id3 get picture list --format=json ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
Export the only picture
id3 get picture file ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 ~/Pictures/output-picture.jpg
Export the a front cover picture amongst multiple pictures
id3 get picture file ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 ~/Pictures/exported-picture.jpg CoverFront
Export all pictures to a directory
id3 get picture dir ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 ~/Pictures/exported-pictures/

id3 set

id3 set <text-field>

id3 set title ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 'Song title'
id3 set artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 'Song artist'
id3 set album ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 'Album'
id3 set album-artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 'Album Artist'
id3 set genre ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 '(10)'

id3 set comment

id3 set comment --language=eng ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 'My comment'

id3 set picture

id3 set picture ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 ~/Pictures/front-cover.jpg CoverFront

id3 delete

id3 delete all

id3 delete all ~/Music/target-audio.mp3

id3 delete <text-field>

id3 delete title ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 delete artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 delete album ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 delete album-artist ~/Music/target-audio.mp3
id3 delete genre ~/Music/target-audio.mp3

id3 delete comment

id3 delete comment ~/Music/target-audio.mp3

id3 delete picture

Delete all pictures
id3 delete picture ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 all
Delete just the front cover
id3 delete picture ~/Music/target-audio.mp3 CoverFront


MIT © Hoàng Văn Khải.


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