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Convert iai benchmark output to CSV

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Convert iai benchmark output to CSV

Simple tool to read iai output and produce CSV. It can read multiple versions of a file from Git history and produce a CSV file that summarizes the changes.

Installation and usage

cargo binstall iai-parse || cargo install iai-parse

For every commit you want to benchmark, run your iai benchmarks, save the output to a file, and commit it. For example:

❯ cargo bench --quiet iai | tee iai-output.txt
  Instructions:                 358 (No change)
  L1 Accesses:                  402 (No change)
  L2 Accesses:                    4 (No change)
  RAM Accesses:                  28 (No change)
  Estimated Cycles:            1402 (No change)

❯ git commit --amend --no-edit iai-output.txt

(I put “iai” in the name of all my iai benchmarks so I can easily limit bench runs to just them.)

Run iai-parse on the revisions you care about to get a CSV file with a summary of the changes:

❯ iai-parse -r main..my_branch iai-output.txt
benchmark,parameter,4a1953a First change,4cbe905 Second change
iai_escape_text_clean_small,L1 Accesses,404,402
iai_escape_text_clean_small,L2 Accesses,4,3
iai_escape_text_clean_small,RAM Accesses,30,29
iai_escape_text_clean_small,Estimated Cycles,1498,1432

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