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i3wm helper program for alt+tab-like focus switching

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0.2.0 Jun 21, 2019


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i3spin is a small utility for i3 window manager that, when run, obtains a list of windows open on currently focused workspace and switches focus to previous or next window.

It is intended to replicate Alt+Tab-like behaviour from rich desktop environments, including but not limited to Microsoft Windows.

There are two commands provided, i3spin_fwd and i3spin_rwd. The first switches to the next window and the latter to the previous window. This split represents the author's desire to avoid pulling in dependency-heavy crates like clap for commandline flag parsing.

The order of windows is taken directly from the data fetched from i3 through a depth-first search performed on the container tree. This means that if the workspace is first split into 3 rows and then the second row is split horizontally into 2 columns, then the order of windows should be as follows: first row, second row first column, second row second column, third row.


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