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Holochain Scaffolding CLI

CLI to easily generate and edit holochain apps.

Obtaining the scaffolding tool through holonix

The easiest way to start using the scaffolding tool is through holonix:

nix-shell https://holochain.love
hc-scaffold --version

Should print the version of the scaffolding tool.


These are the commands that you can run with the scaffolding tool:

# Scaffold an example app
hc scaffold example

# Scaffold an empty web-app
hc scaffold web-app forum

cd forum

# Scaffold a dna inside the newly scaffolded app
hc scaffold dna forum

# Scaffold a zome inside the newly scaffolded dna
hc scaffold zome posts

# Scaffold an entry-type inside the newly scaffolded zome
hc scaffold entry-type post

# Scaffold a collection for the newly scaffolded entry-type
hc scaffold collection global all_posts

# Scaffold a new link-type
hc scaffold link-type


See the docs.rs documentation to learn how to use and create custom templates.

Manual installation

Install the CLI globally with this command.

cargo install holochain_scaffolding_cli


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